Auto-Guide™ 3000 Basic: Switching from Basic to Advanced Mode and Back

There are two different modes in C1000 terminal: Basic and Advanced.

Some Guidance setup options will be available only when in Advance Mode (Output setup, Vehicle profile, Receiver setup/delay times, Calibrations). Main functions like Implement, Wayline, Correction Source, Nudge, Compass Setup and System Status can be accessed in both modes. We will show steps for both cases for all setup and calibration operations.

Switching from Basic to Advanced mode and back:


1. Select C100SwitchingfromBasictoAdvanced_WrenchIcon

2. Select C100SwitchingfromBasictoAdvanced_DownArrowFileIcon

3. Select C100SwitchingfromBasictoAdvanced_ManIcon

4. Select to change to the basic mode C100SwitchingfromBasictoAdvanced_CheckIcon

The system will reset and the terminal will show the main guidance screen in the Advanced mode.

Using same selections again will switch you back to the Basic Mode