Auto-Guide™ 3000 Basic: Compass Calibration

Calibrating the compass

Compass calibration is required:

  • When using the system for the first time
  • If the TopDock is moved to different position on the machine or moved to another machine
  • If an external receiver for the correction source has been moved

Compass Calibration_FIG8

Fig. 8

1. Select Compass Calibration_WrenchIcon (1).

2. Select Compass Calibration_DownFileIcon (2).

3. Select Compass Calibration_DownFileIcon (3).

4. Select Compass Calibration_WrenchRulerIcon (4).

5. Select Compass Calibration_CompassWrenchIcon (5).

6. Follow the prompts on the terminal (6).

When the calibration is complete, the terminal will return to the calibration menu.